Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Willis Worm Festival 2017

30 Anglers took part in this years Willis Worm Festival meaning an angler every other peg, leading up to the Festival there hadn't been a drop of rain for weeks, and then sure enough the heavens opened on the Saturday. So much so that the start time was put back from 11am to 2pm. Fishing till 8pm made for great fishing especially on the match Lake.

The overall winner being the total weight over the 2 days made for an exciting last day as and it wasn't until all the weights were tallied did we learn who the victor was.

For the second year in a row it was Andy Rowbottom who took the trophy home by 1 fish as it turned out, with Mathew Daws running him close on his debut here at Holgan Farm.

Match Lake Saturday

1st M Daws, peg 18 (149.12)
2nd P Williams, 22 (141.12)
3rd T Peters, peg 27 (98.04)

Carp Lake Saturday

1st C Wells, peg 23 (143.14)
2nd R Cousins, peg 11 (78.04)
3rd J Davies, peg 9 (77.04)

Match Lake Sunday

1st C Wright, peg 21 (98.04)
2nd Dan Hall, peg 6 (83.00)
3rd C Worral, peg 19 (69.04)

Carp Lake Sunday

1st A Rowbottom, peg 27 (116.04)
2nd T Peters, peg 9 (64.02)
3rd A Wray, peg 29 (47.10)


1st Andy Rowbottom 194.12
2nd Matt Daws 184.14
3rd P Williams 174.12

Many thanks to Denzel Thorpe (Willis Worm) as he continues to run these great matches here at Holgan Farm
by - Scott Heaps

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