Monday, June 11, 2018

Willis Worm Festival ,Day 2 Sunday

So the sun was shining all day for the final day of this years Willis Worm Festival sponsored by Angling Bait Co, and Denzel Thorpe! With several big weights caught on day 1 there was still 6-8 anglers still in the hunt. Andy Rowbottom drew well on peg 22 on the Match looking for his 3rd title in a row! Also Paul Williams on peg 25 on the Carp Lake Drew exactly where he wanted with plenty of room! Andy and Graham Block started as they finished and caught shallow all day at 13meters.

Paul Williams on the Carp Lake caught steady to begin with on his short line before bagging late in with fish from the edge, whilst Thomas Kehoe lost fish after fish on peg 23 on his shallow line before switching to his short line.

But it was Andy Rowbottom who took the title home yet again with G Block 2nd and P Williams coming in 3rd Thomas just missed the money in 4 th place.

Thank you for all who attended and we hope to see you all again next year!!

Final standings

1st A Rowbottom (Welshpool) 380.14

2nd G Block (London) 321.10

3rd P Williams (Bromsgrove) 293.11

4th TKehoe (Fishguard) 278.08)

Willis Worm Festival Day 1 Saturday

Heavy miserable rain set the tone for the start of the day on this years festival - then bright glorious sunshine there after from about 3pm onwards. All anglers struggle early on with the fishing dramatically improving in the second half of the match. Tim Peters on the Carp Lake caught a few long on the pole toss potting casters then caught later on on his short line. Graham block on peg 7 caught steady with the majority of his fish coming shallow and then big fish from the margins late on, whilst A Rowbottom on peg 29 lost more fish in the Lilly pads than he caught.

On the Match Lake it was Neil Daniels on peg 18 leading the way catching most of his fish shallow, and the same for Paul Williams on peg 6, Thomas Kehoe managed to sneak in third on peg 20.

Today the sun is shining from the start so let’s see if the fish respond to the extra heat. 🎣 ☀️
by - Scott Heaps

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